Creative 3rd space

(formerly Creative Underground)

  • A showcase event that highlights eager young creatives throughout the city of Austin. The event primarily targets minority creatives who have had a harder time breaking into mainstream spaces and not for lack of talent. The showcase consists of local musicians, visual artists and creative businesses.

Tote. Bag Fundraisers

  • The 'Black History Matters' totes were inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020. These events inspired this brand to start giving back in practical ways while spreading awareness for several issues. Proceeds (minus the cost to produce and ship) get donated to a selected non-profit organization.

Instrument Fund

(Coming Soon)

  • A program that provides high schoolers with free technology and creative applications to kickstart their journey into art. The Instrument Fund primarily targets youth who come from tough socioeconomic backgrounds and otherwise would not be afforded the option to pursue their creative interests.